The Project Team

The Project Team

Nathaniel Morrison

Nathaniel is a Western Sydney University design graduate with connections to the surrounding suburbs of Western Sydney. While he’s officially sorted into Ravenclaw, we all know he’s secretly a Hufflepuff. Nathaniel specialises in visual branding, illustration and typography and has developed these skills while working at the University’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ studio. He has currently worked on cultural and community projects such ‘Windows on Queen’ a St Marys based project about local history. Nathaniel hopes to continue to find creative opportunities that will help elevate his design practices.

Carey Day

Carey Day is a freelance photographer based in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.  She has been involved in many exciting projects from, the photographer for the Urban Growth NSW project and contributing photographer for the Geoff Welbourn album cover to name a few.  In 2018 she exhibited and was Master of Ceremonies for the HeadOn Exhibition, TAFE, WSI.  Carey loves reading, and some of her favourite YA books are the ‘Harry Potter’ series and ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.’ At present, she is working on combining her love of portraiture photography and telling visual stories through cinemagraphs.

Wesley Stormer

Wesley Stormer is a composer based in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. In 2015 he completed his Honours in Composition at Western Sydney University with his work ‘Fantasy for Orchestra’ under the guidance of Dr Clare Maclean. In 2017 he won the 5th Annual Composition Competition for the Veridian symphony orchestra in Yuba City, California with his work ‘Waltz for a New Season’. He currently composes for a number of ensembles around the Sydney and Western Sydney area.

Daniel Portelli

Daniel Portelli is an art music composer whose music has been performed by Tracensemble, Soundstream Collective, Adelaide Philharmonic Choir, Two New Duo, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Tamara Cislowska, ESMUC Ensemble, Claire Edwardes, Liu Ying, and by a robotic piano named RHEA. Portelli was awarded a PhD in composition at the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) with principal supervisor Professor Liza Lim. He also completed an MA (Honours) at Western Sydney University (WSU) with Professor Bruce Crossman. Portelli was the winner of the Winston Music ECF commission at the Soundstream Emerging Composers’ Forum.

Foxtales Team

Wesley Stormer - Composer Fantasy, Romance, Main Page

Daniel Portelli - Composer and percussion Action, Sci Fi, Tablet to tablet

Carey Day - Image director and photography

Nathaniel Morrison - Graphic design, web design, illustration and visual branding

Penny Robins - Fox Tales Mentor for Penrith City Council

Ian Moses - Photographer

Marina Zivkovic - Photographer

Steven Day - Photography Assistant and Sci-Fi costume designer

Nichola Lowe - Fantasy Model

Eva Liu and William Lodder - Romance Models

Ian Moses, Steven Day and Caitlin Day - Action Models

Ethan Day - Sci-Fi and Evolution of the Books Model

Tim Hans - Piano

Justine Bristow - Flute

Zenith Chae - Cello

Karen Harris
Senior Cultural Development Officer
Penrith City Council

Sarah Dean
Library Services Manager, Library Services
Penrith City Council

Barjinder Kaur
Children's Librarian, Library Services
Penrith City Council

Michelle Pearman
Library Children’s Inclusion Officer, Library Services
Penrith City Council

Adam Gatt
Penrith City Council

Nicholas Noel
Marketing Officer - Projects
Penrith City Council

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