The Nepean Potters Society

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Formed in 1976, The Nepean Potters Society Inc., provides a support network for potters in the local area. They meet for a general workshop every Tuesday in the Art and Craft Studio at St Marys Corner.

Each member is free to work on their own project, but sometimes group workshops are held to explore a new technique.

The day gives them an opportunity to chew over problems, discuss new avenues and generally to ‘catch up’. The group has a formal meeting on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm. Here plans for exhibitions, trips and general business arediscussed. Group outings to visit other potters, ceramic exhibitions and markets are often arranged to extend the members ceramic experience. Advance notice is also given of possible sale points and exhibitions for members to enter.

A kiln, slab roller and other specialised equipment, books and ceramic magazines are available for the use of members. Several exhibitions a year are organised to allow the potters to show and sell their work to the public and to advertise the group’s activities. Although not running any regular formal classes at this time, members do undertake workshops, especially with children and community groups. These may be either demonstrating aspects of their work or with full participant involvement.

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