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Street Dreams St Marys was a free creative program for young people living in Penrith area developed with local musician Abaker Malek - rapper (Masta One) in partnership with Aweil Association of NSW (representing part of South Sudanese local community).

Street Dreams St Marys Crew

Street Dreams St Marys Crew

The program was based on engaging young people in free creative workshops organised fortnightly at St Marys Corner Community and Cultural Precinct from January to March 2012. Street Dreams St Marys offered great opportunities to young people to learn first steps in music industry - from creating lyrics and rhymes, recording vocals and creating music material which locally produced and published on a CD record.

Initial support to the project was provided by Penrith City Council's CAP funding- Community Assistance Program in 2011. The project development was facilitated at St Marys Corner in 2012 through public presentations, workshops and informal gatherings of young people. Part of documentation of these events is presented in a special booklet that accompany Street Dreams St Marys CD.

Aouk Michael, 16

Aouk Michael

Love music, love dancing, love fashion...

I started with music and dancing when I was very young. I specialise in African dancing which I learned from my cousins in Africa. I like hanging around with my mates (it is my hobby). I am also a party animal. I want to be a fashion designer after my studies and would like to own my own shop.

St Marys

Entry song from the Street Dreams St Marys feature CD

St Marys, Kingswood, Penrith, yeah...

Nancy: Verse 1

St Marys to Kingswood,
Take it back to Mount Druitt,
A town where it’s no good,
People, always smoking, drinking, fighting,
Always feeling no good, representing my hood,
I repeat my hood,
Yeah that’s my logo,
OK without a pause without a lie,
Every night people cry,
Always just wanna die,
I’m sick of you’ll standbyers,
I’m not here to waste your time,
Take a minute take the time,
Why you are here paralysed,
Who got you are hypnotized,
Police don’t do much,
Violence getting too much.

Bizzle: Verse 2

ROCK with DA beat,
Now SHAKE yourself a bit,
Now kick back relax now,
I reaper my hood now love the way I’m living,
Respect is in my hood now,
No dough, we play hard, shout out to my boyz,
Now 2760 homie that the code here,
Dam proud of being a saint since the day I
moved here....
Hope i made myself clear.
Lil, homie don’t cry now,
It’s time to spit some rhymes out,
No need for a crime a minute buys a hate,
But you don’t need to do that time now...halla!

Klong: Verse 3

Klong Athum is ma name,
And everyone’s in the game,
Rocking dancing in the streets,
Knocking over all the seats,
St Marys here, I am where we are,
Once again ma hometown,
Now I’m here, ready to showdown,
And be who I claim,
Ma dreams to finish high school, uni, get a job,
Finish ma studies,
And go out with all ma buddies,
Become a doctor and serve in South Sydan.

Peter: Verse 4

Yo, what’s good?
St Marys is the hood,
I look fly in the hood,
Think you’re cool but looking like a fool,
I look good, came up for school,
Yeah let’s do it again,
Penrith is the game,
Yeah I live and die,
But lie, street dream is the life,
Respect and laugh,
I wonder, I’m so fly,
Boy, my words rhyme,
Just need some time...

Project facilitated by St Marys Corner Community and Cultural Precinct 2012, Community and Cultural Development Department Penrith City Council, All songs written and all tracks produced by Street Dreams St Marys Group: Abaker Malek, Alhad Manyang, Aouk Michael, Amanuel Ayai, John Aro Aro Gar, Klong Athum, Awadia Kuol, Bol Ker a.k.a. Bizzle, Abuk Athum and Deng Athum. Workshops mentored and album mastered by Abaker Malek - Masta One, Production assisted by Ater Dut, Recorded by Alexander Jameel at Alex Studio Michinbury, Photoghraphs, cover and publication design by Adnan Begic, Special thanks to Awail community members for their support and to all the young people not listed who  participated in Street Dreams St Marys events.

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