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Soundlapse is an immersive audio tour through the heart of Queen Street, St Marys.

Soundlapse invites audiences on an unexpected journey through the street’s past, present and future.

Using an interplay of archival sounds, recorded interview snippets, narrations and local music, Soundlapse is designed to celebrate the diverse and shared stories of the St Marys community. Its reinterpreted stories and soundscapes allow audiences to embark on their own journey of rediscovery of familiar surrounds – where everyday scenes on Queen St start to slowly take on new meanings.

Soundlapse Story 1

Queen Street Riches and Textures

Take the train to Queen Street, St Marys. Immerse yourself in the big street sounds and stories of this vibrant, diverse and welcoming Western Sydney community

  • Duration: 2 min 42 secs
  • Location: Outside St Marys Train Station
  • Produced by: Peta Khan and Leigh Bramall
  • Music:
    • This is West Syd by Fortay
    • St Marys by Street Dreams St Marys Group, Abaker Malek
    • Afterglow by Hybrid from

St Marys Train Station

Giggles Ghosts

Soundlapse Story 2

Giggles Ghosts

While the fancy dress store isn’t at Number 32 anymore, it doesn’t mean all the shop’s past residents have decided it’s time to leave. Meet Giggles store owner Annette and hear her spooky tales from amongst the costume racks.

  • Duration: 1 min 27 secs
  • Location: 38 Queen Street
  • Key Storyteller: Annette Blissett from Giggles Fancy Dress Hire
  • Produced by: Adam Tuchin, Bronte Balenzuela, Sirinya McKelvie

Soundlapse Story 3

Munitions for War

Step back into St Marys past with stories from five residents about life and times in St Marys during Word War II when a large portion of the community worked in the local Munitions Factories. Temporary homes or ‘duration cottages’ were built to house the factory workers and while work in the factories was dangerous, many in the community took it on with pride and commitment.

  • Duration: 4 min 15 secs
  • Location: The Duration Cottages (Cnr Belar St and Carinya Ave)
  • Key storytellers: Ted and Heather Church, Harry Chaffey, Elva Heckenberg, Richard Argent, Henry Kelly (From the Penrith City Library ADI Australian Defence Industries Oral History Project), Caroline Volkiene (St Marys and District Historical Society)
  • Music: Jubilee Blues by Belle Baker from
  • Produced by: David Teh
  • Photograph courtesy Australian War Memorial

Munitions for war

Served with love

Soundlapse Story 4

Served with Love

Try some mouth watering smoked prosciutto from Mira or sit down with Yvonne over a strawberry milkshake and hear how food and diversity helps keep Queen St shoppers happy and healthy.

  • Duration: 4 min 09 secs
  • Location: Ned’s Butchery and Lucky’s Café, 71-111 Queen Street
  • Key Storyteller: Mira Bilic and Yvonne Michelle
  • Music: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra from
  • Produced by: Louann Teariki and Sanabel Oudah

Soundlapse Story 5

Settling South Creek

Step into the laneway and take your time exploring the colourful mural of times past. Hear stories from when St Marys, or what was then known as South Creek, was settled by the British and the pioneers of the day helped develop the area as an agricultural and industrial hub.

  • Duration: 5 min 25 secs
  • Location: The Pedestrian Laneway and Pioneers Mural, 100 Queen Street
  • Key storyteller: Lyn Forde, St Marys and District Historical Society
  • Letter from Harriet King read by Alyson Evans
  • Mural poem read by Leigh Bramall, Peta Khan
  • Advertisement for St Marys read by Leigh Bramall
  • Music: Master of the Feast by Kevin Macleod from
  • Produced by: Ryan Herbert, Sam Gluyas, Joel Kellett, Peta Khan and Leigh Bramall

Settling South Creek

Records Rappers Rhymes

Soundlapse Story 6

Records, Rappers and Rhymes

Who says the West ain’t got what it takes? Hear from Local DJ Victor Lopez and independent rapper Fortay on why Queen Street and St Marys inspires and drives their art form.

  • Duration: 2 min 06 secs
  • Location: The Hip Hop Shop/Lopez Records, 116 Queen St St Marys
  • Key Storytellers: Victor Lopez and Fortay, The Hip Hop Shop
  • Music: This is West Syd by Fortay
  • Produced by: Ryan Herbert, Sam Gluyas and Joel Kellett

Soundlapse Story 7

Join the Dots

Join the dots with Indigenous artist Chris Edwards as he shares the process and meaning behind his playful artwork in Coachman’s Park.

  • Duration: 2 min 35 secs
  • Location: Coachmans Park, 129 Queen St
  • Music: Land on the Golden Gate by Chris Zabriskie from
  • Produced by: Ryan Herbert, Sam Emerson and Joel Kellett

Join the dots


Soundlapse Story 8


Crew cuts, under cuts, waves, perms, mohawks. When it comes to hair, Queen St residents aren’t lacking in options. In this story we meet Mary and Guido, two long term Queen Street hairdressers.

  • Duration: 3 min 55 secs
  • Location: Hair Options by Mary and Guido’s Salon, 146 Queen Street
  • Key Storytellers: Mary Pezzano - Hair Options St Marys, Guido Piccirilli - Guido’s Hairdressing
  • Music:
    • Sock Hop by Kevin McLeod from
    • Who Likes to Party by Kevin McLeod from
  • Produced by: Louann Teariki and Sanabel Oudah

Soundlapse Story 9

A Spring in Your Step

The St Marys Spring Festival only comes around once a year – but when it does it goes off with a bang! A mainstay of Queen Street culture and one of the highlights of the year, the Spring Festival is a source of great pride to the community.

  • Duration: 3 min 34 secs
  • Location: 188-220 Queen Street
  • Key storytellers: Norma Thorburn, St Marys and District Historical Society
  • Archival sounds courtesy of St Marys and District Historical Society
  • Produced by: Peta Khan and Leigh Bramall

Spring in your step

Graveyard shenanigans

Soundlapse Story 10

Graveyard Shenanigans

Stroll through the graveyard and take in the old church on the hill that brought St Marys it’s name. Ponder the past and hear mysterious tales from beyond the grave.

  • Duration: 3 min 59 secs
  • Location: St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, Cnr Great Western Hwy and Magdalene St
  • Key Storytellers: Norma Thorburn - St Marys and District Historical Society, Poem read by Tom Thorburn
  • Music:
    • Awaken from a Nightmare by Silver Process from
    • Poppy by Possimiste
  • Produced by: Adam Tuchin, Bronte Balenzuela, Sirinya McKelvie

Soundlapse Story 11

Queen Street Dreams

The young people of St Marys have their own ideas on what makes Queen Street a cool place to live: where it’s going and where it’s at.

  • Duration: 2 min 58 secs
  • Location: Great Western Hwy (heading towards Queen Street)
  • Key storytellers: Students of St Marys Primary School
  • Music:
    • Tomie’s Bubbles by Candlegravity,
    • Beat boxer by Kyza Chaplain
  • Produced by: Peta Khan and Leigh Bramall

Queen Street dreams

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