Artist's Statement - Soundlapse

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The concept of Soundlapse arose from Penrith City Council’s desire to use new technologies and mobile media to capture, map and share stories from St Marys and Queen Street’s past, present and future.

Over three months myself and my colleague Leigh Bramall from Maitree House, worked with Interactive Multimedia students from Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW to record the stories and sounds of Queen St on audio recorders, smartphones and tablets. Each story was connected to a location in Queen St which students then mixed with archival audio, interview snippets, poetry and music to create narrative-based soundscapes.

After all the stories were completed, we then integrated each of the student’s work into a unique walking tour app, built by Nepean Arts and Design Centre teacher and digital designer Andrew Wagstaffe, so audiences can experience the stories in specific locations on Queen St.

Video - QSRT 2014 Soundlapse

As multimedia artists with a background in community development, Leigh and I have loved working on Soundlapse. In our multimedia work, we are interested in exploring the intersection of new media technologies, community arts and storytelling - how real stories can be shared and experienced in new ways. In Soundlapse, the way each audience member experiences the stories will be different, depending on the day, the time and the people around them. This is the exciting part, because we feel the most memorable stories are experienced - they are lived, breathed and evolving.

The creation of Soundlapse has also been a true collaboration. From the generosity and welcoming nature of the St Marys community, the support and artistic vision of Penrith City Council staff Adnan Begic and Karen Harris, to the skills and contributions of Nepean Arts and Design Centre Multimedia students and their teachers Andrew Wagstaffe and Craig Daalmeijer-Power. For us, that’s where the power and enjoyment of art lies, in an artist’s connection and involvement with their community and in the experience of creating and sharing with others.

From the very beginning, when Leigh and I first walked down Queen St, we felt privileged to work on a project that makes you stop, listen and see the beautiful and unique aspects of a place and community. We hope this translates for audiences of Soundlapse and our work reflects the generosity, integrity and unique character of Queen St and the St Marys community.

Peta Khan & Leigh Bramall of Maitree House, Multimedia Artists and mentors, Queen Street Riches and Textures 2014

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