QSRT 2014 Project Credits

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Produced at St Marys Corner Community and Cultural Precinct in collaboration with Maitree House and TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute.

Penrith City Council, February - September 2014
Copyright Penrith City Council, artists and authors.

Penrith City Council
601 High Street Penrith NSW Australia
02 4732 7838

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Queen St Riches and Texture project team
Adnan Begic and Karen Harris

Guest artist and mentors
Peta Khan and Leigh Bramall, Maitree House

Soundlapse App development by Andrew Wagstaffe

Participating students from Interactive Digital Media at TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute
David Teh, Ryan Herbert, Sam Gluyas, Joel Kellett, Louann Teariki, Sanabel Oudah, Bronte Balenzuela, Sirinya McKelvie and Adam Tuchin

Project assistance
Interactive Digital Media teachers at TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute Andrew Wagstaffe and Craig Daalmeijer Power, Penrith City Library Archives Team, St Marys and District Historical Society, St Marys Primary School, Freesfx.co.uk, Community Cultural Development Department Penrith City Council and community of St Marys

Promotional package design by Adnan Begic.

All photographs courtesy of Sounlapse creative team, except page 10 courtesy of St Marys Corner and page 25 courtesy of Australian War Memorial

Soundscapes from Queen Street Riches and Textures 2014 Soundlapse project are accessible at www.queenstsoundlapse.com or via a free app download from Android or iPhone App Store.


  • Annette Blissett, Giggles Fancy Dress Hire St Marys
  • Mira Bilic, Nad’s Butchery St Marys
  • Yvonne Michelle, Lucky’s Cafe St Marys
  • Mary Pezzano, Hair Option St Marys
  • Guido Piccirilli, Guido’s Hairdressing St Marys
  • Chris Edwards, Wirriimbi Designs
  • Victor Lopez and Fortay, Hip Hop Store St Marys
  • Vanessa Stockford and Lorraine Stacker, Penrith City Library Archive Team
  • School principal Glen Leaf, teacher Wendy Vasilescu and children, St Marys Primary School St Marys
  • Norma Thorburn, Caroline Volkiene and Lyn Forde, St Marys and District Historical Society
  • Alyson Evans
  • Tom Thorburn
  • Freesfx.co.uk
  • Cath Barcan, Head Teacher, Photoimaging, Visual Arts at TAFE
  • NSW Western Sydney Institute
  • Andrew Wagstaffe and Craig Daalmeijer Power, Interactive Digital Media teachers, TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute
  • Community Cultural Development Department
  • Events and Communications Teams, Pernith City Council
  • Community of St Marys
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