Positive Growth and Promotion

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St Marys Town Centre Management (SMTCM) was formed in 1995 and is made up of proactive volunteers who dedicate their time to organising events and business building projects that benefit their local community.

Positive Growth and Promotion

The aim of SMTCM is to contribute to the positive growth and promotion of St Marys by improving the physical, economic and social environment of the precinct. The committee does this by developing, implementing and monitoring the business plan which outlines the aims and objectives of the organisation. By engaging with stakeholders (i.e. retailers, business owners, land holders, the community and industry organisations and relevant government bodies) SMTCM is able to deliver superior quality community events with regional significance.

The volunteers involved in our committee are local business and property owners who all share the similar goal of providing for their region. This committee has managed and funded many successful events in the area including Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations and others.

SMTCM is a proud supporter of Queen Streets Riches and Textures 2012 as it also adds to the cultural character of the local community.

Vanessa Campbell
Marketing PR Communications Events
St Marys Town Centre Management

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