Patricia Thomson - The seed to share

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Influenced by Surrealism and art as therapy Patricia attempts to communicate a convergence of the physical and metaphysical world through a juxtaposition of iconic images set in imaginary landscapes.

Her work is conceptually based and her creations come to life through a synergy of words, multimedia, collage, and photomontage, found and recycled objects, drawing, painting and photography. She loves the ocean and mountains and has lived and exhibited in Newcastle, Byron Bay, Northern Rivers and Western Sydney.

As an artist, educator, consultant, activist and counsellor Patricia holds Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications across a wide range of related areas.

During 2015 Patricia initiated a community development project in sustainability in Mizoram, India. Closer to home Patricia is a member of Permaculture, Sydney West, St Marys Area Community Development, St. Mary’s Potters and Nepean Potters.

She enjoys growing her own food and the community farming projects at Mamre Farm, Canna Communities Farm, Earth care and the Secret Garden.

The Sharing the Seeds Project is a convergence of Patricia’s active interests. Her body of work is a sequential narrative of poems, visual parables and video that communicates the process of “Sharing the Seeds”. Analogies are presented that connect the life cycle of seeds with the life cycle of people in communities around the Earth.

All of the artworks showcase precious heritage seeds carefully chosen for their relationship to the landscapes, insects, animals, people, beliefs, cultures and traditions represented in the artwork.

The five themes communicate the cyclic nature of the life of seeds, gardens, individuals, families and farming communities. Rich textures, earthy colours and natural elements such as embedded seeds and plants are used in the artworks.

The narrative ends with a clarion call for political and societal change toward world food equity. The body of work celebrates community farming, growing our own food, self-sufficiency and sustainability. It is the artists conviction that saving, spreading, farming and sharing seeds are an effective form of activism that challenges the corporate patenting and ownership of seed, food and water resources.

Words and images acknowledge the foundations laid by the pioneers and custodians of Mamre Farm and community farmers who enrich our nation by sharing their lives and the seeds of the world.

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