Meet the multimedia artists

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Learn more about the multimedia artists behind the Soundlapse project.

David Teh

Since he was young, David has had an interest in drawing and digital media. He wants to become an animator when he graduates but he has also enjoyed learning more about the sound side of multimedia through the Soundlapse project. He has enjoyed working on Soundlapse and hopes the audience will get to learn more about Queen Street and St Marys in a fun and new way.

Ryan Herbert

Always on the computer playing games and on the internet, Ryan wants to be on the other side. Instead of just playing and browsing, he wants to be able to design and create games, websites and videos. He is currently enrolled in the Interactive Digital Media Course at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW.

Joel Kellet

Joel Kellett has always had a strong interest in most things graphic and digital media, hence his interest in wanting to expand his knowledge and enrol in Interactive Digital Media at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW.. The illusion of reality that digital media can create is what interests Joel most about the course. He feels Soundlapse has given him a greater understanding of the importance of local history and community and he hopes Soundlapse audiences will gain a deeper understanding of their community and what can be achieved through modern technology to convey story telling.

Louann Teariki

Louann Teariki is currently studying as a digital media student at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW. She enjoys being behind and in front of the camera, editing and directing. Participating in the Soundlapse project, Louann felt she developed greater confidence, new skills and new ways to create sound art with teammates. She also really enjoyed being a part of a project that helps bring communities of people together.

Bronte Balenzuela

Bronte has always wondered how digital art and media works and has enjoyed exploring these digital worlds when studying Interactive Digital Media at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW. Soundlapse has been an enjoyable project for Bronte as she has learnt how to work with the people in a community and in a team, and has enjoyed learning about the depths of St Marys past, present and future. She hopes Soundlapse audiences will enjoy learning the wide range of history that lies in a small distance between stores, neighbours and community in St Marys.

Sam Gluyas

Sam is currently studying Interactive Digital Media at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW. He enjoyed participating in the Soundlapse project to help produce the Join the Dots story with artists Chris Edwards, the Records, Rappers and Rhymes with DJ Victor Lopez and the mural story about Bennett’s Wagons.

Sirinya Mckelvie

Sirinya McKelview is 18 years old and grew up in St Marys. She enjoys video games and anime/ manga, which has led to her interest in digital art, particularly learning how to make 3D models for games and movies. In the Soundlapse project Sirinya has enjoyed learning how to set a mood by using sound and also how to tell a good story along the way. She hopes audiences enjoy the walk and that it brings them to a different time and place in St Marys history.

Adam Tuchin

Adam is a musician and audio engineer. He is currently studying Interactive Digital Media at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW to get a greater understanding of other elements of multimedia. For the Soundlapse project he worked on the Giggle’s Ghosts story and the Graveyard Shenanigans.

Sanabel Oudah

Sanabel Oudah was born in Kuwait and is a Digital Media student at Western Sydney TAFE. From a young age she has enjoyed working with images, videos and editing. Her experience working on Soundlapse has been really interesting. She has particularly enjoyed interviewing people and hearing their stories about everyday life in St Marys. Sanabel hopes the Soundlapse audience will get a sense of the great contributions and devotion people from St Marys, its past and present, have for their community.

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