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Children’s joyful expression bubbling through this documentation is quite powerful.

Beyond telling us mere facts - whether they had made a dinosaur, a robot or a beautiful arrangement of colours - underlying the children’s work is utter delight in making something.

To make something that didn’t exist before, something with meaning, something made with their hands: this is the transformative power of art making. A power that young children are abundantly capable of enjoying and exploring in a myriad ways. For them, art is not something separate but part of everyday life, a way of making sense of themselves and their world.

This innovative pilot project encourages us to see young children as creative thinkers and explorers, eager to give shape to their thoughts and share ideas. These explorers deserve sensitive encouragement and support. This has always been an important message in early childhood education. It is even more timely today.

In a world of consumerism and constant electronic entertainment, a project such as this that celebrates children’s experiences with basic materials - materials that invite them to create, invent, and imagine new possibilities - adds a new dimension to early childhood learning.

In furthering community understanding and appreciation of children as thinkers and communicators, ARTKIDS is an enriching and inspiring resource that deserves to grow.

Ursula Kolbe

Artist, author, early childhood art consultant

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