Felt for you - Irina Kondyurina

Born in Russia, lived in Germany and now living in Penrith, Irina’s formal education is in biology but her life was always connected with craft and creativity.

Both her grandmothers worked with wool providing Irina with years of experience in the preparation of fleeces for weaving and spinning, the process of sewing, knitting and crocheting.

From early childhood Irina was interested in these crafts, but when she discovered felt making she found her passion. For Irina felt is a delightful material to work with and has many fantastic possibilities, with different shadows of colour and design on the surface of objects being produced. Today Irina gives most of her time to felting, she loves it and loses herself in the endless possibility of creation. Irina uses very simple creative processes, yet felt’s applications can be as complex as she desires.

Felt handbag

"All of my products are unique, being hand made, with no two artworks the same. I create thick and almost transparent felts which I use in my designs for contemporary elegant clothing. I love the playful and creative possibilities that this material offers."

Felt blanket

Irina’s latest inspiration comes from her experiences of living in Australia - the stunning landscapes, the beaches and wild life and from the generations of her ancestors in Russia. Irena’s artworks utilise sheep and alpaca wool for the basis of a piece and then embellishes the surface by incorporating other fibres such as silk, mohair, flax, viscose, cotton or fabric.

Irina is a member of the Weavers, Spinners and Felters Guild of NSW.

Irina Kondyurina