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A collection of photographs by various artists participating in the Queen Street Riches and Textures 2012 project.


Julieanne Bartolo, Styling, 2012. Digital print.

The image was made in my favourite shop as it was funky, different and insightful. I have never seen so many brands of spray paint nor have I met such awesome hair dressers before with great artistic talent. I was lucky enough to walk in the shop when a young boy was getting his hair cut and styled. I was making sure to capture the spray of mist that floated in the air from the water bottle, while capturing all the needed equipment on the bench and in the barber's hand. This photograph tells a story of the fact that people of all ages care about their hair and what it looks like.

Hobbies Pro

Madeline Robson, Hobbies Pro, 2012. Digital print.

This image was taken in Hobbies Pro shop. It captures the dedication and passion that the subjects put in to their work and the hobbies of others. This image represents what Hobbies Pro as a store does, while also showing the staff’s commitment to helping their customers.

Guidos Barber

Emily Cahill, Guido’s Barber - Guido, 2012. Digital print.

This image was the first photograph that I had taken during this project, and from the moment I entered Guido’s Barber Shop, I was exposed to the feeling of warmth amongst the atmosphere of the shop. What made this store stand out from the rest for me was the way that the interior had been kept over the years, which gave it such a unique quality. In this photograph, I wanted to capture the unique connection that Guido shared with each of his customers.


John Slaytor, Melissa (hairdresser) cutting hair of Kane (the boy), Baldo’s Hair Care Centre, 102 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Lopez Records

Emily Tsiattalos, Lopez Records, The Hip-hop Shop, Victor Lopez, 2012. Digital print.

Capturing Lopez records and its atmosphere, I realised that I needed to demonstrate the vibrant colours in order to show the authenticity of Victor’s Shop. Capturing Victor in front of the colorful spray cans, including the posters under the bench was able to demonstrate his authenticity and the quality of his shop.

Dragomir Neds Butchery

John Slaytor, Dragomir, Ned's Butchery, 71 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Party Pit Stop Store

Courtney Roberson, Party Pit Stop Store, 2012. Digital print.

This image was taken in a vibrant and colourful store. The image taken of the stock filled wall gives colour to the image. The customer interaction in the background enables the viewer to see the unique relationships with St Marys Queen Street. Slightly adjusting colour levels and contrasts in Photoshop I was able to even out the selected focus used within the image. The selected focus of the customers gives the colourful stock a slightly blurred effect leading viewers to take notice of the customer interaction.

The Fish Shop Pro

Julieanne Bartolo, The Fish Shop, 2012. Digital print.

I was fortunate to capture this random moment when one of the employees was engaging in a conversation with the other staff members while he was leaning on the cash register. I really liked his facial expressions as it showed a conversation unfolding in the photograph. I digitally manipulated this photograph using Photoshop to tweak the contrast bringing out the luscious colours. The tissue box on the counter was my favourite part of the picture as it was completely random as I have never thought a tissue box would be in a shop like that, I thought it was quirky and more than anything held the picture together well.

Azitas Gallery Hair Nail Beauty

John Slaytor, Azita’s Gallery Hair Nail & Beauty, Shop 3, 59-63 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.


Courtney Roberson, Hairdresser, 2012. Digital print.

After visiting many hairdressers among Queen Street, this shot was captured at Chimes Hairdresser. I loved working in this space due to the upbeat, girly, ‘city-like' style atmosphere with funky, retro colour schemes. This wide shot captures the business yet intimate interaction between the customers and staff. This highly energised work space never provided me with a dull moment and gave me an insight to the different personalities within Queen Street telling a story about personal upkeep and beauty.

Luckys Cafe

John Slaytor, Radi serving Craig, Luckys Café, 93 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

GDay Cafe Pro

John Slaytor, Sam, Fred, Chris and John (from left to right) G’Day Café, 112 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

India In Australia

Emily Cahill, India In Australia - Billy, 2012. Digital print.

The minute I walked into Billy’s shop I felt so welcome and I knew that I had to capture an image of him that reflected his happy and humble personality. This photograph reflects Billy and the way that he has brought his Indian background into the Queen Street, St Marys community in such a loving and welcoming way.

Funkee Town

John Slaytor, Kerry, Funkee Town, 67 B Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Anastasias Hair Design

Madeline Robson, Anastasia’s Hair Design, 2012. Digital print.

This image was taken in Anastasia’s Hair Design, where we simply asked her to stand in the doorway of her store, asking her questions and in the process making her laugh. This allowed me to capture an image that shows Anastasia’s natural warmth and how welcoming Anastasia is to all of her customers.

Gerrys Tailoring

John Slaytor, Gerry, Gerry’s Tailoring, 7 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Diamond Reptile Supplies

John Slaytor, Martin and Kerry, Diamond Reptile Supplies Shop 1, 249 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Hungry Horse Cafe

Emily Tsiattalos, The Hungry Horse Cafe - Maria, 2012. Digital print.

Visiting the Hungry Horse, my first impression was family. Maria was such a family orientated person, inviting her grandchildren for breakfast on a Saturday morning. She managed to find time to spend with her grandchildren, and I was able to capture the joy her grandchildren brought her. This helped to demonstrate the authenticity of the café.

Maria On Queen

John Slaytor, Maria, Maria on Queen, 225 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Madinah Halal Butcher

John Slaytor, Batulan, Madinah Halal Butcher & Groceries, 107 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Minnmies Nails Beauty

Guy Hickey, Painting - Minnie’s Nails & Beauty, 2012. Digital print.

Nail care at its FINEST! Thank you to PL Vu & Anna Biddle and everyone at Minnie’s Nails & Beauty.

Giggles Fancy Dress

Guy Hickey, Wall O’ Hair - Giggles Fancy Dress, 2012. Digital print.

A novelty costume store FULL of fun! Wall-to-wall, floor to roof – you’ll find what you need for a costume, here. Thank you to the ladies at Giggles Fancy Dress!

Genssea Asian Mix Groceries

John Slaytor, Elizabeth and Andrew, Genssea Asian Mix Groceries, 79 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Spangles and Treasures

John Slaytor, Ayshen, Spangles and Treasures, 106 Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

Red Cross Stall

John Slaytor, Henriette and Josie (background), Red Cross Stall Queen Street St Marys, 2012. Digital print.

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