DiG Space Program Round 3

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The Round 3 DiG creative team brought to life the NepeanRIVR360 with eight unique digital videos usnig 360-degree filmmaking techniques.

Explore the Nepean River like you never have before with eight digital videos. Using 360-degree filmmaking techniques, the NepeanRIVR360 takes viewers to the different activities located along the Nepean River, while appreciating a destination spot in Penrith.

Creative brief:

Concept of the Urban Living Room

An urban living room can be a modified outdoor physical space or a virtual place that can be a place of contemplation, a place where an individual can look after their social and emotional well-being with others. The urban living room can challenge the way public spaces are treated. 

Urban Soundscape - Music and everyday life

Music as a way of enhancing quality of life; and music as a medium of empowerment. Creating an environment for social connection and well-being.

Social Connection

Social connectedness refers to how people come together and interact. At an individual level, social connectedness involves the quality and number of connections one has with other people in a social circle of family, friends and acquaintances. Social connection can occur in different places and contexts. Places include local parks, cafes, public spaces and sport grounds as well as of course in people’s homes. The context can include participating in tranquil pasttimes, learning situations and creative pursuits.  Social connection has many benefits to health, from strengthening immune systems and recovery from disease, to improving self-esteem.

Social Isolation

The opposite of strong social connection is social isolation. Social isolation is a lack of contact between an individual and society. Social isolation can be an issue for individuals of any age, though symptoms may differ by age group.

Opportunities for social interaction and community connectivity

There are strong links between good health, a sense of community and social interaction. The built environment can foster a sense of community through enabling day to day interaction with people and nature in safe and accessible environments:

  • people are less likely to interact within or feel part of a community that they perceive to be unsafe.
  • green and open spaces facilitate contact with nature as well as community.
  • green open space and music can improve mood and stress levels.


  • Bring a new creative perspective to reimaging a public space together with an urban soundscape that inspires social connection and well-being. 
  • Original music that could bring together multi-instrumental, soundscapes and soundtrack production, blending seamlessly into the next in continuous unfolding of musical textures and sensations.
  • A mesmerising collage of sound, design and imagery that increase awareness of the value of innovative public spaces, social connection and well-being for a city and the community. 


  • A digital piece that delivers the aims creating a story that enhances and sparks the imagination. 
  • A digital web-based project that will be hosted on Penrith City Council Culture and Creative web site, and showcased via other digital media/platforms.

Creative Team:

The project was brought to life through the collaboration of the Round 3 DiG team:

  • Andy Nehl (Mentor)
  • H.S. Botha (Multidisciplinary Artist)
  • Tim Hans (Composer/Musician)
  • Pamela Maldonado (Architect/Graphic designer)


Andy Nehl is a television, documentary, digital and VR producer, director and writer whose credits include: Hungry Beast, The Roast, The Chaser’s War on Everything, Hack Live and Filthy Rich and Homeless Live. Documentaries he has directed include: Buried Country, Media Rules and Shock Horror Aunty. Andy teaches at UTS and is a former Head of Television at AFTRS. 


“This residency was a game changer for my creative life and projects. It has opened up new avenues of potential work for me and showed me what I can offer the community from a creative perspective. 

The creative process whilst collaborating with like-minded practitioners have been invaluable. 

I would highly recommend this residency to fellow creatives in the Western Sydney region.”

- H.S. Botha, Multidisciplinary Artist

Find Sean at his Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

“The DiG Space program has been a great experience. It allows the space for people to think and work creatively in a true multidisciplinary style. I believe that this program has and will continue to develop into a program which benefits the individuals that undertake the program and also helps to creatively address aspects of the community that require attention. 

I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this creative team. It has been great to gather, discuss, work and enjoy time with people who come from distinct world views and disciplines for the purpose of creating a digital intervention; that I hope will provide useful information and interest to the all the activities that the Nepean River Precinct has to offer the community of Western Sydney and beyond.”

Pamela Maldonado, Architect/Graphic Designer

Find Pamela at: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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