Confidence and Skills

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A key focus in the NSW Visual Arts syllabuses is on the need for students to engage with the practices of artists and other industry professionals such as curators as a model for their own artmaking.

Confidence and Skills

So the opportunity provided by the Queen Street Riches and Textures project for students to be mentored by a contemporary photographer and to be part of the development of an exhibition is invaluable.

Working with photographer John Slaytor gave the students selected for the project a rare chance not only to learn from his advice but to work alongside him and watch as he worked with his subjects to capture his positive sense of place and community. John was generous and positive in his advice and across the eight sessions, the students grew in confidence and skills as they built their photographic stories about the people of Queen Street. Being able then to collaborate and work with Adnan Begic to curate an exhibition has given the students further insight into the ways that stories and ideas can be told through the curatorial process.

The students have found this project invaluable and it has been a catalyst for their own photographic practice.

We would like to thank Karen Harris and Adnan Begic from Penrith City Council for their enthusiasm and their initiative in making this project possible. These experiences for students are invaluable and are a wonderful celebration of our community.

Karen King Leader of Learning, Creative Arts, Caroline Chisholm College

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