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Artkids - Children Creating and Exploring Arts project is one of the most exciting projects Wirriimbi Designs has worked on.

During the eight weeks we were able to engage with many young children to develop their artistic talents and skills. The sheer enthusiasm with which the students attended each class was amazing and to see young boys and girls come out of their shells and engage with us as artists was a wonderful experience.

Over eight weeks we conducted a program of different arts practice’s each week to develop different artistic skills in the children. The art workshops we conducted were print making, clay pottery, identity poles, paper mache masks, painting on canvas, wool sculpture, and drawing. The children developed different artistic skills within each art workshop and the clay pottery class was one of the most popular with many students still working after the class had finished.

The teachers in the pre schools were very happy with the results of the art workshops and how we engaged the children in each artistic practice and many commented that they would like the artists program to be an ongoing program as they could see the enormous benefit it had on the children.

This exhibition is testament to the amazing and diverse work that the children have completed over the past eight weeks. They have developed many different artistic skills that they will take with them into their schooling years and beyond. We hope that the children will continue their artistic endeavors and develop further artistic skills as they get older. We should all be very proud of their achievements as young artists in the making.

Fabri Blacklock and Chris Edwards, Wirriimbi Designs
Penrith, September 2011

A young girl presenting her painting in an Artkids workshop
Artkids Exhibition opening display at St Marys Corner Community Centre 2011
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