Bathurst Grant Location

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Surveyor-General John Oxley owned the grant called “Bathurst” on this site that was bought by the King Family when he died.

John Oxley

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The Raine & Horne site was bought by Phillip Thompson around 1970.

Bathurst Grant Location

Portrait of John Oxley
Unknown photographer and date
Source: King Family History, Phillip Thompson Associates

Bathurst Grant

 Surveyor-General John Oxley owned the grant called “Bathurst” on this site that was bought by the King Family when he died.

The Raine & Horne site was built in two stages by Solicitor Phillip Thompson. Originally, Gary Horne had an electrical shop on the northern side and his other lot on the southern side was vacant and was bought by Phillip around 1970.

This vacant lot was the first-stage build. The builder was Clive Field from St Marys who built a two-storey building in 1973 and Phillip moved in. The block was quite narrow and in 1980 when Gary Horne retired, Phillip bought his shop that was on the northern side and demolished and built the structure that now stands here. The builder was Rennat Constructions of St Marys who had an office in the Star Arcade.

Interview with Bruce Kilgour

Researcher: Lyn Forde St Marys & District Historical Society Research Officer

Lyn Forde

Lyn Forde is 56% English/Scottish, 19% Irish and 25% European.  She is a 7th generation Australian with two First Fleeters connected to Ropes Crossing. Lyn was born in Penrith, lived in St Marys, Kingswood and now lives in Werrington. She went to St Marys Public School, St Marys High School and Penrith Business College. Lyn retired in 2005 working in administration. 

Lyn is divorced and a great grandmother of four. She has researched local history since the 1970’s and she is a contributor of the History Page in the local Nepean News. Lyn was a Secretary of the first St Marys Historical Society and currently a Research Officer & Vice-President. She is also a member of Encore Historical Sewing Group at St Marys Corner.  Lyn has researched and self-published several books on local history, it is the area where she feels at home and where she can research her earlier family and community connections.

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