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Learn more about the artists' that contributed to the Queen Street Riches & Textures 2012 project.

John Slaytor

John Slaytor is a Sydney-based artist who is interested in how photography can promote dignity and compassion. He set up a funeral photography business in 2007 (www.thefuneral John is influenced by Werner Bischof for his quiet humanistic vision, Joseph Koudelka for his commitment, Hiroh Kikai for documenting what it means to be human and Eve Arnold for her compassion.

Courtney Roberson

Photography is my passion as the only limitations are yourself and one can simply capture and hold onto a moment in time. A photograph of a face is a story of the soul and different experiences are shared through the bonds between the photographer, subject and viewer making my passion a strong connection of art, expression, experiences and identity.

Courtney Roberson is interested in digital photography and is currently in year 11 at Caroline Chisholm College. Every year she has been enrolled in an art or photography course to enhance her knowledge. Courtney enjoys taking photographs of human subjects as the soul behind evoked faces and emotions share stories that are inspiring and intriguing, leaving viewers with wondrous attitudes.

Emily Cahill

Emily is 16 years old and currently attending Caroline Chisolm College. She shares an interest in photography, digital media and visual arts. She hopes to one day pursue a career in photography or communications. Being involved in this project has opened her eyes to the beauty in such a small community, whilst also developing her skills in working within a professional environment.

Emily Tsiattalos

Emily Tsiattalos is 17 years old. She is currently attending year 11 at Caroline Chisholm College. The things that drive her passions include believing in herself while investing hundred percent into everything she is doing. She would like to study media and journalism with a career in media. The Queen Street Riches and Textures project helped to develop her skills with working in a professional environment.

Guy Hickey

Born in 1992 and raised in Penrith, Guy has always had a natural sense and connection with Art. He is a HSC and TAFE graduate, currently studying the Diploma of Fine Arts where he digs his fingers in all kinds of art making.

Julieanne Bartolo

Photography is my main passion as I can capture a moment, evoke emotions and captivate audiences with my powerful and yet quirky subject matter in my pictures.

Julieanne Bartolo is interested in both film and digital photography. She studied photography for more than four years at Kingswood TAFE in Penrith. Julie enjoys taking photographs of live subjects, in particular the human form which she finds always inspiring and aesthetically pleasing.

Madeline Robson

Madeline was born and raised in Penrith and is in Year 11 at Caroline Chisholm College. She is interested in photography and digital media. Her photographic work mainly focuses on showing the moments of her life that she doesn’t want to lose. She is motivated to show not only individual moments, but also the emotion in the moment. The influence of artists such as Andy Warhol, Olive Cotton, Max Dupain and Hana Pesut has developed her love of photography.

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