Art Tech Kids 2015

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A festival of short animated movies created by preschool children and artist Andrew Wagstaffe.

Art Tech Kids project is result of a continuous partnership between St Marys Corner and Penrith City Council Children Services. The project was developed at St Marys Corner - St Marys Children's Centre and Koala Corner Children Centre from June to November 2015.

St Marys Children’s Centre and Koala Corner Children’s Centre are expanding their early childhood programs curriculum by introducing creative use of new technologies and digital art to children and their parents. This proposal is an important part of The Early Years Learning Framework. Learning outcomes state that children are confident to learn through connecting with people, place, technologies, natural and processed materials.

Art Tech Kids

Image caption: Art Tech Kids animation video caption, the animation produced by computer assisted animation technique.

St Marys Corner has introduced the use of digital media to young children by inviting Andrew Wegstaffe, a professional artists-educator to develop a series of animation workshops for children age 3 to 5. Through fun and creative collaborations they created thirteen animated movies by recording pictures, movies and sounds and using story boarding, stop-motion and computer assisted animation techniques. Early childhood educators have assisted these creative processes and have been mentored so that similar programs can be sustained in the future.

Art Tech Kids lego

Image caption: Artist Andrew Wegstaffe engages children in using Ipad software to create animation through story boarding and stop-motion techniques.

Art Tech Kids Festival features thirteen fun and colorful movies projected on large screen with presentations by the artist and insights by the educators about “behind the scene” stories and creative editing processes. Parents are welcome to join this event.

Art Tech Kids animations screening is a great local children festival happening at St Marys Corner Memorial Hall on Thursday 3 December 10am -12pm.

Animation by the Koala Corner Kids 2015 - Princes and the Dragon

Skating on Our Heads, Animation by Cooper, Emma and Amel.

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