Annette Bukovinsky - The Significant Seed

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Annette Bukovinsky is an emerging artist who lives and works in Sydney, NSW.

She is currently completing her Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts at the Western Sydney Institute where she specialises in Ceramics, Drawing and Painting.

In 2014, her work was selected for the Wippabald Finalist Exhibition and she was awarded over-all winner. In her studio in the Lower Blue Mountains, she produces work for exhibitions, community projects and commissions. She is a passionate and committed artist who is currently exploring a range of ideas relating to human interaction and connection with nature.

Slideshow captions:

  • The Significant Seed, 2015. Hand built Raku, 30 x 45 cm
  • The Significant Seed, 2015. Hand built Raku, 45 x 55 cm
  • The Significant Seed, 2015. Hand built Raku, 55 x 70 cm
  • The Significant Seed, 2015. Three charcoal drawings, 60 x 85 cm

The smallest seed carries with it genetic material that can potentially influence the outcome of an entire field. Our need to nurture the significance of this small seed is critical to our existence and the sustainability of the planet. During my engagement with the Sharing the Seeds Project I began exploring the significance of the seed in urban food production and the cultivation of healthy community relationships.

Ceramic Sculptures

The darkened ceramic bases are representative of mounds of earth. Their surfaces are embossed with the words and ideologies from three growers in the Nepean District, forming textural rings that wrap around the mounded bases. Delicately perched on the apex are the precious antique-white seeds. Their lofty positions are indicative of the role they play to these local growers and also to the sustainability of our planet.

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