St Marys Corner

St Marys Corner building

St Marys Corner is a multipurpose community and cultural precinct in St Marys. It is a dynamic and welcoming place where communities come together to celebrate and share diverse cultures.

St Marys Corner delivers a range of social services and programs. It is also a place where residents and communities can participate in a broad range of cultural initiatives. The precinct consists of six facilities - the St Marys Memorial Hall, Community Centre, Senior Citizens Centre, former St Marys Council  Chambers, the Arts and Craft Studio, and the Don Bosco Youth and Recreation Centre.

These facilities surround a landscaped public place, the St Marys Piazza. The precinct was opened in May 2010 and is a landmark investment project by Penrith Council that was assisted by a Federal Government Better Regions Program grant of almost $1 million.

Communities and Cultures at St Marys Corner

The program at St Marys Corner relies on the strong support of the community. The engagement of existing services with their diversity of programs and activities, as well as with local and regional cultural groups and artists contributes to creating a vibrant social and cultural precinct.

This engagement and activity enhances community wellbeing and the quality of life in Penrith City. The Community Centre is home to Nepean Multicultural Access and the St Marys Area Community Development Project, while the Senior Citizens Centre is the home of the St Marys Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association.

These organisations provide a range of important community information, referral and development services. The former Chambers building is used by the St Marys and District Historical Society while the Arts and Craft Studios are occupied by the Nepean Potters Society and other craft groups.

The values of St Marys Corner are expressed through the following themes: community and communication, creativity and innovation, quality and participation, learning, diversity and sustainability.

St Marys Corner is a home for social and cultural initiatives and community engagement that are designed around the idea of conversations. Conversations can engage communities in a dynamic exchange of creative ideas which explore the place of St Marys and the region, its people and its past, present and future.


  1. Memorial Hall
  2. The Chambers
  3. Arts and Craft Studios
  4. Senior Citizen’s Centre
  5. Community Centre
  6. St Marys Childrens Centre
  7. St Marys Piazza


St Marys Corner is easily accessible and has dedicated parking and amenities. The precinct is located on the corner of the Great Western Highway and Mamre Road, St Marys with car access off Swanston Street and Collins Street.

St Marys Corner is within walking distance from St Marys railway station and from several bus stops located along Queen Street, the main retail area of St Marys, Mamre Road and the Great Western Highway.

The precinct welcomes all visitors and is committed to making programs and activities accessible for people with a range of abilities. We offer level access for wheelchairs in most facilities and venues including lift access to the Memorial Hall performance stage and accessible  toilets and change rooms.

Parking is available at St Marys Piazza and adjoining the precinct with a number of spaces reserved for people with disabilities. Visitors who are mobile and active are asked to use the eastern carpark or street parking on Swanston and Collins Street.


29 Swanston Street,
St Marys 2760 NSW Australia


Contact for some key services and organisations are:

A range of other organisations and groups use the venues at the precinct. These include the Philippine Language and Cultural Association of Australia, Country Women’s Association St Marys, St Marys Bridge Club and others.

Venue booking enquiries

Penrith City Council, Monday to Friday
8:30am – 5:00pm, 4732 8021
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cultural activities enquiries

Penrith City Council, Monday to Friday
10:00am – 4:00pm, 4732 7879
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.