Sharing Stories, Sharing Spices Acknowledgements

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The project was produced at St Marys Corner Community and Cultural Precinct by Penrith City Council from February to June 2019.

Penrith City Council

601 High Street Penrith NSW Australia

02 4732 7838

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© Copyright Penrith City Council, authors and photographers.

Guest artists:

Marty Walker, photography

Peter Long, soundscapes

Project partner:

Nepean Multicultural Access

Contributors in cooking sessions:

Tomoko Ward, Lisa Koek and the members of Penrith Japanese Community Group, Barjinder Kaur, Prabhjot Sidhu, Batoul Ansaritarghi, Hanaa Louka Magar Guirgis, George Magar, Rosa Akel, Rahima Soltani, Aida Basto and the members of Philippines Language and Cultural Association Australia (PLCAA).

Community participants:

Alice Turelli, Megumi Turelli, Yuko Forrest, Yoko Hara, Alana Bush, Estelle Bush, Kana Nishimuta, Aya Younis, Kenji Younis, Tomoko Negishi, Yui Negishi, Emi Morimoto, Joanna Yun, Chrisato Agcanas, Caleb Agcanas, Junko Debori , Joakin Bajen, Nari Watabe, Aki Watabe, Chihiro Mikami, Takahiro Mikami, Yuika Mikami, Michiyo Brandjes, Amelia Brandjes, Chikako Hanzaras, Louis Hanzaras, Etsuko Walker, Joshua Walker, Sean Walker, Kana von Wartburg, Louis von Wartburg, Megumi Manoe, Manami Manoe, Aki White, Ruben Koek, Alexis Leones, Maria Ibarra, Marites Dadios, Nida Hawley, Betty Relunia, Jun Relunia, Marcelita Castillo, Leon Barretto, Dodee Leones, Edgardo Dadios, Aurora Carlos, Divina Ibararra, Stella Duru, Mercee Malig, Mary Grace Pedregosa, Maria Bandayrel, Divina Montillano, Beth Alcantara, Corazon Barretto, Norma Dumelod, Jet Ramos, Diana Ester P. Walsh, Diony Grenvold 

Project support and contribution:

Nepean Food Services: Ditte Kozar and Mark Blatman

Still Moving Design: Clancy Walker

Sto Nino Oriental Mini Mart, St Marys: Popo De Leon and Jackie De Leon

Salaam Namaste Indian Grocery Store, St Marys: Jigar Patel

Jayam Supermarket, India, Arabic and African Groceries, St Marys: Kamaraj

Phil Asian Food Mart, St Marys: Nida Healy

Translation Accreditor:

Ethnic Interpreters and Translators Pty Ltd

Project development contribution:

Multicultural Development Team, Community and Cultural Development Department, Penrith City Council and Nepean Food Services


Philippa Borland, Taryn Kennedy

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