VR 360 Videos

VR 360 Videos

WeirPENRITH WEIR Experience the sound of the water and bellbirds in the environs of Penrith Weir. Catch glimpses of people jogging, cycling and strolling on the Great River Walk, and a father and son fishing by the river.

ActingREGATTA PARK Regatta Park is a popular place for family picnics, spectating the Head of the River Regatta, and hosting outdoor theatre performances. In this 360-degree video we glimpse Acting Factory rehearsing before an afternoon performance of Alice in Wonderland, and join people fishing by the river.

RowingNEPEAN ROWERS The Nepean River is smooth and glassy at 7am as we join a quad scull rowing crew. In this 360-degree video we follow the crew as they carry their boat out of the Nepean Rowing Club shed, place it on the water, and head off for an early morning training row on the river before school.

KayakKAYAKING ON THE RIVER Kayaking, rowing, jet skiing and boating are popular pastimes on the Nepean River. Immerse yourself in this 360-degree video as Tim Hans from the NepeanRIVR360 team takes you paddling out on the water in a kayak for a river experience.

CrossingYANDHAI CROSSING The Yandhai Nepean Crossing is Penrith’s newest pedestrian bridge and is part of the 7km loop section of the Great River Walk. In this 360-degree video we join passing walkers and cyclists as they enjoy their early morning exercise and take in the spectacular views of the Nepean River.

Art GalleryPENRITH REGIONAL GALLERY Penrith Regional Gallery is on the western side of the Nepean River. In this 360-degree experience we follow people coming up from the river and walking into the gallery. Inside we see sculptures in the Art Garden next to the gallery’s café and are greeted by gallery staff.

BikeCYCLING BY THE RIVER The Great River Walk extends along either side of the Nepean River from Penrith Weir to the M4 Motorway Bridge and is enjoyed by pedestrians and cyclists. Experience cycling by the river from Penrith Weir, past Nepean Rowing Club, over Yandhai Nepean Crossing, past Regatta Park towards Penrith Regional Gallery.

YogaTENCH RESERVE Join a Live Life Get Active yoga class on the banks of the Nepean River at Tench Reserve, then see that it’s not only humans on the river as two different kayakers paddle with their dogs and the local ducks swim and wander by looking to be fed.