About NepeanRIVR360

About NepeanRIVR360

an immersive 360 experience

exploring the sights and sounds of nature and social connection around the Nepean River

NepeanRIVR360 features eight immersive 360-degree videos revealing glimpses of nature and people’s use and enjoyment of different locations around the picturesque Nepean River at Penrith.

NepeanRIVR360 was created by three local Penrith artists, H.S. Botha, Timothy Hans and Pamela Maldonado, together with digital mentor, Andy Nehl, as part of Penrith City Council’s DiG Space Mentorship and Residency Program to explore social connection in public spaces.

The 360-degree videos are accompanied by soundscapes that blend the natural sounds of the river and environment with original music composed and recorded by H.S. Botha and Timothy Hans.

The DiG Space Program is a creative and professional development program for Greater Western Sydney digital artists/designers within their first five years of professional practice.