Clay at The Corner

A lady holding two clay pots

Clay at the Corner was an annual project established in 2011 by the Cultural Development Team at Penrith City Council in collaboration with Nepean Potters Society.

The program aimed to provide opportunity to the local potters to showcase their new body of work, present various creative and educational workshops to local community and wider audience.

Since 1976, The Nepean Potters Society has and still provides a significant support network for local and regional Potters. This highly skilled and engaging group investigates their unique creativity through the use of clay, using both specialised traditional methods and the exploration of new techniques.

Clay at the Corner is an exciting exhibition by the Nepean Potters Society, a public display of hand crafted pottery from thirteen artisans that share their passion for clay. The exhibition features fantastic pieces that are the result of the potters’ craftsmanship. All of the artworks have been produced and fired here at the St Marys Corner Arts and Craft Studio. This studio is an important hub at the precinct as it provides the community an avenue for social and artistic expression and the way of sharing creative skills and knowledge.

These artworks together with a digital screen presentation have been be exhibited at three council’s facilities throughout April 2011, at the Arts and Craft Studios and Memorial Hall at St Marys Corner and later in the month in Penrith Council Civic Centre’s foyer.

We congratulate all the potters participating in Clay at the Corner 2011 exhibition on the high quality of their artworks and their contribution to creating a vibrant City.

Project updates

Nepean Potters Society visits China

20 October 2015

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Jindezhen Journey - A Journal from Nepean Potters Society trip to China in 2015 by Bronwyn Campbell, a member of Nepean Potters Society.

Funky Functional

30 April 2014

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Funky Functional; an exhibition by the Nepean Potters Society at St Marys Corner in April 2014.

There is Something Fishy at St Marys

30 April 2013

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There is Something Fishy at St Marys is a creative community engagement program featuring creative ceramics workshops for adults and children.

Dragons and Friends

30 April 2012

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Dragons and Friends is a dynamic program of free creative workshops for children and adults with art demonstrations and an exhibition of hand crafted pottery featuring works by members of the Nepean Potters Society.

The Nepean Potters Society

16 June 2011

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Formed in 1976, The Nepean Potters Society Inc., provides a support network for potters in the local area. They meet for a general workshop every Tuesday in the Art and Craft Studio at St Marys Corner.

Inaugural Clay at the Corner Exhibition

19 May 2011

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Finely ground rock particles sound pretty dull, but add water and the result is clay, an infinitely more exciting prospect especially to a potter.